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    Join Mangala Yoga teachers in, Telluride, Co for a Yoga Alliance approved, 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program. In this life-changing journey of transformation, you will reveal your true potential through the study and application of yoga philosophy. Dive deep into the art of effective yoga instruction and leave with the confidence, skills and knowledge you need to embark on your yoga teaching career.

    During our time together we will develop a consistent practice and integrate yoga into our everyday lives. You will learn the secrets behind the unique and dynamic Vinyasa Flow yoga sequencing that has made Mangala Yoga the fastest growing yoga studio on Maui and in Telluride.

    Walk away from your training with full yoga sequences and have ample opportunity to fine-tune your communication skills and strengthen your voice. You will leave this program with everything you need to begin teaching well-balanced yoga classes.


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    Daily Schedule


    Meeting times:

    Mondays – Fridays + 3 day/2 night retreat

    September 19th – 27th: 7:00am-4:00pm

    September 28th – 30th: RETREAT

    October 2nd –12th: 7:00am-3:30pm


    Tentative Schedule:

    7:00-7:30 Meditation, Pranayama & Chanting

    7:30-9:00 Asana Study/Philosophy (alternating)

    9:15-10:45 Vinyasa Class

    10:45-11:30 Break

    11:30-1:00 Teaching methodology/Anatomy (alternating)

    1:00-4:00 Practicum



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    Tuition / Payment dates / Refund policy


    ALL books and training manual are included in tuition!
    (Note: Accommodations, travel and food for the entire training are NOT included in tuition.)

    $2950 – EARLY BIRD Paid  in full by August 1st, 2018

    $3300 – Paid in full after August 1st, 2018

    Payment plans are not available with these pricing options. 


    Payment Plans:

    To qualify for payment plans, we must receive a non-refundable $500 deposit.  All payments are scheduled debits on either the 1st or the 15th of the month. You must have a major credit card on file. Payments can be made monthly or bi-weekly.

    Payments must be complete by the first day of the training.

    Payment plan options INCLUDES TAX:  

    • $500 deposit + 2 payments ($1400 each) = $3300
    • $500 deposit + 3 payments ($950 each) = $3350
    • $500 deposit + 4 payments ($725 each) = $3400
    • $500 deposit + 5 payments ($590 each) =  $3450


    • The $500 deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable.
    • 75+ days prior to the start of the training—We will refund the 100% of training payments, minus $500.
    • 60-74 days prior to the start date—We will refund 50% of training payments, minus $500.
    • Less than 60 days before start date- No refunds.
    • Once the training begins: No refunds.

    Contact us: frontdesk@mangalayogatelluride.com or call 808-359-2252

    Training Dates September 19th – October 12th, 2018


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    What We’ll Be Studying

    • Vinyasa Flow
    • The 8-Limb Path
    • Meditation Techniques
    • Pranayama Techniques
    • Anatomy- Muscular and Skeletal System
    • Energetic World: Chakras System, Bhandas and Vayus
    • Alignment Principles and Asana Study
    • Assisting Techniques
    • Vinyasa Krama and Sequencing
    • Teaching Methodology
    • Effective Communication Skills
    • Chanting and Deities
    • Yogic Cleansing Practices
    • Developing your Personal Practice
    • The Business of Yoga

    and More!!


    Unlike anything you experienced in high school anatomy class, our teaching style for learning the body is extremely hands-on and functional. We offer tools to help you truly absorb (not just memorize!) the information and develop a more intimate understanding of the body. This knowledge will serve as your foundation for assisting and adjusting.

    Includes in-depth instruction in the following areas:

    • The Skeletal System
    • The Muscular System
    • Applied Kinesiology

    The Foundations of Yoga

    We believe in building upon a strong and balanced foundation! Therefore, the first two weeks of your training will be spent immersed in the basics of yoga – philosophy, history, language, lifestyle and more.

    Includes in-depth instruction in the following areas:

    • The basics of Vinyasa
    • Asana Study
    • Meditation Techniques
    • Pranayama Techniques
    • Chanting & Deities
    • Yoga History
    • Patanjali’s 8-Limb Path
    • Yoga Vocabulary
    • Yogic Cleansing Practices

    Teaching Methodology

    What does it mean to be an effective and inspiring teacher? What qualities do your favorite teachers possess? Learn tangible skills and practices to help you access your inner teacher and let this aspect of yourself shine.

    Includes in-depth instruction in the following areas:

    • Qualities of an effective educator
    • Effective communication
    • Vinyasa Krama (Intelligent Sequencing)
    • Incorporating hands-on assists and modifications
    • How to set up a room

    Teaching Practicum

    The best way to learn something is to DO IT! In this module you will have the opportunity to put your learning to the test. Receive constructive feedback in a friendly and supportive environment as you practice teaching your fellow classmates and teachers. You will leave this module ready to teach with 3 complete sequences, edited and approved by Maureen.

    Includes in-depth instruction in the following areas:

    • Team sequencing
    • Practicing adjustments and assists
    • Filmed class with feedback

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    Admission Requirements

    Who is Mangala Yoga’s 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Designed For?

    We designed our teacher training for the yoga enthusiast who is feeling the initial calling to teach. Our training is perfect if you:

    • Want to make your passion for yoga your profession?
    • Feel stuck in jobs that are unfulfilling?
    • Are searching for more meaning in your profession?
    • Are craving to get out from behind the computer screen?
    • Want a really hands-on, intimate teacher training experience?
    • Are ready to take your personal yoga practice to new heights?
    • Feel called to share the gift of yoga with others?

    You do not need any previous teaching or yoga experience to participate but we do recommend this training for those who have practiced yoga for at least a year.

    We also encourage any of you who may not necessarily want to teach, but who want to intensely deepen your practice to join us. We will develop new levels of depth and understanding in our personal practices, elevating our personal practices to new heights.

    Graduate of Mangala Yoga’s Teacher Training program, Naima Audant shares:

    “Whether you want to teach or not, the right outcome will come through this training. You will go deep within and deepen your personal practice which I think is the most important gift of the training.”

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    Meet Your Teacher



    Maureen is the founder of Mangala Yoga. She has two incredible children Malia and Aidan. Currently they live in Telluride,Co. They travel back and forth between Hawaii and Colorado several times a year.

    Maureen began practicing Iyengar yoga in 1997, in a funky ass library in Gaithersburg, Md. where she was raised. Through her many travels she has studied and practice different styles such as, Power vinyasa,Vinyasa Flow, Yin yoga, and Restorative Yoga.

    She received her 200hr and 300hr Yoga Teacher Training in vinyasa flow with the lovely Janet Stone in San Francisco, Ca. She has also studied tantric philosophy with Christopher Wallis aka “Hareesh”.

    Maureen’s background in massage, anatomy and kinesiology has helped her developed several teacher training programs such as the 5 week yoga challenge, 100hr Bali yoga teacher training, the 200hr. Yoga Teacher Training and 300hr. Advanced Studies Program.

    Her passionate teaching style, is infused with humor and consists of well-balanced, intelligent sequences practiced to upbeat music. Her students have shared that they leave her classes feeling more connected to a strong, capable and grounded self.


    Annmarie graced the Mangala Yoga–Maui community in 2013 and we’ve never been the same…in a good way! She supported us in the beginning by keeping the studio sparkling clean where we discovered her unique ability of truly cleansing the space both physically and energetically with her sage magic. From there Annmarie quickly became our go-to sub, teacher, front desk support, friend and more. The winds of change blew her over to Colorado where she helped open and run our sister studio in Telluride. She is currently based in Encinitas, CA where she has been deeply rooted in svadhyaya (self-study) and collaborating her teachings with her new health coaching business.

    In 2004, Annmarie was introduced to hindu philosophies and the practice of meditation through a high school friend in her hometown of south east San Diego. Happily surprised, she found a deeper connection to life. The tools of breath work and mental focus helped her navigate through many obstacles in her life. In 2007, she stumbled upon a colorful building labeled “The Chula Vista Yoga Center.” The moment of setting foot into this space known as a hidden gem, she finally felt at home within herself and her life for the first time. By 2009, she landed a full time position at the front desk, started a weekly kid’s class, and earned her 200hr Teacher Training Certificate under her teachers Kristyan Stjerne and Jano Galindo. She continued her studies with the completion of a 200hr & 300hr with Mangala Yoga in 2014 and 2015 respectively.

    Annmarie serves quite a mixed plate of devotion through being the next generation in the yogic lineage. She’s able to hold the light strong and steady by taking the next steps in her practice of extensive trainings from San Francisco, Bali, Costa Rica, Maui, Colorado and California. She teaches an all levels Vinyasa class that is structured around well-balanced, intelligent sequencing. The mix of philosophy weaved through a musical experience is a class designed to leave us feeling strong and connected to a more grounded Self.

    You can keep in touch with her journey by following her on social media @annmarieyoga

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    What Makes Our Training Unique

    When asked why they chose our training over alternative options, most former students emphasize the non-competitive and warm environment. Other key differentiators include the organization and intelligence behind the curriculum and the uniquely practical emphasis on teaching:

    “One of the best things about this training versus others is that we didn’t just talk about pranayama, we didn’t just talk about meditation, we came early in the morning and we did them. It was something you could really embody in those 5 weeks.” – Annmarie Torrez, Yoga Instructor

    Maureen is the ideal instructor for your introduction to yoga teacher training. She has 8 years of success conducting teacher trainings, has graduated over 70 students, 60% of which have gone on to become full-time yoga instructors.

    “Maureen’s history of practice is so intelligently put together. She has different schools of thought and tools that she has gained throughout her practice and years and she puts them all together in such a way that is practical and easy to apply. I had a lot of breakthroughs in Maureen’s training!”

    Jennifer Hunt, who took the teacher training in fall of 2014 says:

    “The teacher training program was amazing! It was well organized and it was quite apparent that Maureen loves doing what she does. She loves to teach and share what she knows with her students…I am not a big school person so for me it was so nice to be in a class that flowed and was done with so much love.”

    We only offer our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training a few times per year because we commit to focusing very intimately on each and every one our students.

    We aren’t interested in simply handing out certifications, we strive to produce intelligent, capable and confident TEACHERS!

    But I am Terrified Of Speaking In Front of Groups!

    If you want to teach yoga but feel a little intimidated about the idea of being in front of a group, this is the perfect opportunity to transcend your fears!

    Sally Aldrin, Spring 2013 graduate, shares she was incredibly nervous to take the training and terrified of speaking in front of groups:

    “I can talk in front of my friends but when I am up in front of a group of people, it is really, really scary! For the longest time, even at work, I remember having sweaty palms and sometimes even blacking out in the middle of my presentations. But Maureen got me to the point where I could do it! It was scary the first 4 classes that I had to teach as part of the training, but after the first one each one got better and better. Now I can get up in front of 50-60 people and have no problem speaking. My fear of speaking in front of groups is completely gone.

    So please don’t be shy! We promise we will work with you on effective and confident communication; which will empower you as a yoga teacher and in all areas of your life.

    Click here for more information about the upcoming 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training. You can also email us at frontdesk@mangalayogatelluride.com or stop by the Telluride Yoga studio if you have additional questions.

    Looking forward to deepening this awesome journey with you!


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    Common Questions

    Does the yoga teacher training program include accommodations and meals?


    Do you have suggestions on places to rent during the training?

    Our past participants have found accommodations through:


    Another great place to check is on the Sweet deal on Facebook.

    Also, we may have current Mangala Yoga students with an extra room for you to stay in. Feel free to contact us at frontdesk@mangalayogatelluride.com.

    How often are we practicing yoga asana?

    Each meeting, there is a 90-120 min group practice daily.  On the day there are more than 120mins they are usually split up throughout the day into 2-3 classes.

    Do I need to have a certain amount of yoga experience to participate in the training?

    Ultimately, no. However, it’s best for all participants to be familiar with vinyasa yoga and have at least a year or more of training in some type of physical movement.

    This is a vinyasa yoga training and we do exert a bit of energy. If you are healing from a major injury, pregnant in your third trimester or haven’t been very physical in the last year this may not be the best training for you.

    Have another question?  Ask us here:

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    Join Us - Apply Now

    Mangala Yoga Teacher Training Application

    Please set aside 1 hour to complete this application.  You will not be able to save your responses and come back at a later time to complete it.

    Personal Information


    Please provide full Legal  name and confirm spelling is correct before submitting.  This is the name that will appear on your certification.

    Legal First Name (Certificates will be issued in this name)

    Legal Last Name (Certificates will be issued in this name)

    If you would like to be referred to by another first name during the program, please let us know here:


    Shipping Address (!IMPORTANT!)
    If at any stage we need to ship items to you (most are electronic or delivered on-site), please ensure this address is accurate & that you are able to accept a package at this address.


    Date of Birth

    Is English your first language?

    If No, what is your first language?

    If No, can you fluently read, write and converse in English?

    Medical Information

    Do you have any sever medical conditions?

    If yes, please explain.

    Emergency Contact Name

    Emergency Contact Phone Number



    What is your current occupation?

    Do you practice yoga?

    If Yes, how often?

    Do you currently practice meditation?

    If yes, please describe:


    What attracted you to our programming?

    What interests you about Yoga Teacher Training?

    What are your expectations of the program?

    Do you feel you are prepared to commit to the program at this time?

    Often, during the program, an emotional shift occurs in students. Are you prepared for changes that may happen?

    What is your intention after the training?

    Have you reviewed our web-site thoroughly?


    Please provide us with a short biography.
    Tell us a little about yourself... It helps us get to know you! Share only what you wish.

    Please upload a recent photo (.jpg file). These photos in no way affect your application, it just helps up place a face to a name.

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